14th Annual Alberta Power Summit


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Report Code: EYP13917, November, 2013.  Toronto, ON

ARTICLE 1: No Market is an Island Entire of Itself

Harry Chandler
Alberta’s Market Surveillance Administrator

ARTICLE 2: Key priorities and initiatives

Fino Tiberi
Executive Director, Regulatory Policy
Alberta Utilities Commission

ARTICLE 3: Alberta Power Summit – Challenges and Opportunities in the Alberta Market over the next 10 Years

Guy Bridgeman
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

ARTICLE 4: Challenges and Opportunities for the Alberta Market: 2013 – 2023

Bryan DeNeve
Senior Vice President, Commercial Services
Capital Power Corporation

ARTICLE 5: Alberta Power Summit – Challenges and Opportunities for the Alberta Market Over the Next 10 Years

John Ell
President, ATCO Power

ARTICLE 6: Challenges and Opportunities for the Alberta Market

Robert Hemstock
Executive Vice President, Regulatory and Legal Services
ENMAX Corporation

ARTICLE 7: Anticipated Advances in Natural Gas and Wind Turbine Technology

Howard Shearer
Chairman, Hitachi Power Systems Canada Ltd.

ARTICLE 8: Perspectives on the Retail Market

Gary Newcombe
Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Canada
Direct Energy

ARTICLE 9: The Utility Consumer Advocate’s Perspective on the Alberta Retail Electricity Market

Rob Spragins
Alberta’s Utilities Consumer Advocate

ARTICLE 10: Alberta Power Summit – Implications of Projected Transmission Costs in Alberta

Kelly Yagelniski
Director, Transmission Program Support
Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO)

ARTICLE 11: Implications of Projected Transmission Costs In Alberta

Colette Chekerda
Vice President, Business Development
Insitu Power Corp.

ARTICLE 12: Competitive Bid Process for New Builds

Vittoria Bellissimo
Executive Director
Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta (IPCAA)

ARTICLE 13: Competitive Procurement

Paul H.C. McMillan
Principal, Tidal Shift Capital Inc.

ARTICLE 14: Implications of Environmental Regulations on the Future Generation Mix in Alberta: A Generator Perspective

Kate Chisholm, Q.C.
Senior Vice President, Legal and External Relations
Capital Power Corporation

ARTICLE 15: Implications of Environmental Regulations for the Electricity Sector

Sandra Locke
Assistant Deputy Minister, Electricity, Alternative Energy and CCS
Alberta Department of Energy

ARTICLE 16: Environmental Regulations and the Alberta Power Sector

Sian Barraclough
Principal, Bright Orange Consulting Inc.

ARTICLE 17: Reducing Barriers in Alberta’s Electric System

David James
Executive Director, Electricity Policy Branch
Alberta Energy

ARTICLE 18: Power Markets, Technology and Barriers to Entry

Dr. Michal Moore
Distinguished Fellow and Professor of Energy Economics
School of Public Policy, The University of Calgary

ARTICLE 19: The Role of Interties

Don Thompson
Vice President, Green Power and Transmission
Enbridge Inc.

ARTICLE 20: Performance Based Regulation (PBR) in Alberta

R. L. (Bobbi) Lambright
ATCO Electric, Distribution Division

ARTICLE 21: Performance Based Regulation in Alberta – The ENMAX Experience

Dale McMaster
Executive Vice-President, Transmission and Distribution
ENMAX Corporation