Smart Grid in Ontario and Beyond


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Report Code: EYP14951. February, 2014  |  Toronto, ON

ARTICLE 1: Smart Grid Management in a Global Context

Dr. Bob Currie
Chief Technology Officer
Smarter Grid Solutions Inc.

ARTICLE 2: Smart Grid Regulation in Ontario: Modernizing the Grid for Customers

Brian Hewson
Senior Manager, Networks & Smart Grid Regulatory Policy
Ontario Energy Board

ARTICLE 3: Continuously Connected Customer Assets: Real-Time Visibility – Flexibility – Control

Ron Dizy
President and Chief Executive Officer
ENBALA Power Networks

ARTICLE 4: Smart Grid and Demand Side Energy Management

Paul Grod
Rodan Energy

ARTICLE 5: Smart Grid Research and Development in Ontario

Dr. Dan McGillivray
Toronto Hydro Distinguished Fellow
Executive Director
Centre for Urban Energy, Ryerson University

ARTICLE 6: Innovation – Because the future matters

Jonathan Dogterom
Cleantech Practice Leader
MaRS Discovery District

ARTICLE 7: Hydro One Smart Grid Implementation

David Curtis
Director, Asset Strategy
Hydro One Networks

ARTICLE 8: Customer Self-Serve and Outage Communications:  A Case Study

Norm Fraser
Chief Operating Officer
Hydro Ottawa

ARTICLE 9: Ontario’s Utilities and Smart Grid:  Toronto Hydro’s Smart Grid Implementation

Robert Wong
Chief Information and Risk Officer
Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited