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Report Code: EYP12767. March, 2012. Toronto, ON

Article 1

Regulatory Perspective – Post Fukushima

Ramzi Jammal
Executive Vice-President and Chief Regulatory Operations Officer
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)

Article 2

Exploring the Impact of Fukushima on the Nuclear Industry

Milt Caplan
MZConsulting Inc.

Article 3

CANDU Technology – Addressing Nuclear Safety Concerns

Stephen Yu
Director, CANDU Products Technology
CANDU Energy Inc.

Article 4

Challenges in Refurbishing CANDU Nuclear Plants

Ron Oberth
Organization of CANDU Industries

Article 5

Status and Outlook for Ontario Electricity Demand
and Supply

Amir Shalaby
Vice President, Power System Planning
Ontario Power Authority

Article 6

Strategic Evolution of Canada’s Nuclear Industry

Cécile Cléroux, P.Eng
Assistant Deputy Minister, AECLR Restructuring
Natural Resource Canada

Article 7

The CANDU Reactor: The Practical Path to RU and
The Use

Dr. Sermet Kuran
Director, AFCR Technology and Fuel Cycle
Candu Energy Inc.

Article 8

Post-Fukushima Radiation Protection Challenges in the
Nuclear Energy Sector

Sylvain Saint Pierre
Director for Environment and Radiological Protection
World Nuclear Association

Article 9

Long Term Management of Canada’s Used Nuclear Fuel

Patrick Moran
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Nuclear Waste Management Organization

Article 10

Understanding How the Privatization of AECL Will Affect
the Industry

Stephen Power
Partner, Power and Utilities
Ernst and Young Canada

Article 11

Nuclear in the Generation Mix: Cost, Safety and
Environmental Impact

Thorn Walden
Senior Economist
Canadian Energy Research Institute

Article 12

Generation IV: A Vision for Canada’s Nuclear Future

Derek Lister
Professor Emeritus and Research Chair in Nuclear Engineering
University of New Brunswick

Article 13

The CANDU-ETR – Exploring the Dynamics of a
Small/Medium Test Reactor

Dan Meneley, PhD, P.Eng
Engineer Emeritus, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
Adjunct Professor, University of UOIT

Article 14

Licensing New Major Facilities

Laura Andrews, PMP
Senior Project Officer, New Major Facilities Licensing Division
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Article 15

The Evolution of Small-Scale Reactors in Canada:
Thinking Outside the CANDU Box

Dr. Ken Kozier
Senior Applied Physicist, Applied Physics Branch
AECL – Chalk River Laboratories

Article 16

Neutrons – Delivering Value to Canada Now and
in the Future

Dr. John Root
Director, NRC – Canadian Neutron Beam Centre, Chalk River
Interim Director, Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation (Saskatoon)