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Report Code: REP14992 | December 2014 | Victoria, BC

Article 1. Rapid Population Growth and Aging Transportation Infrastructure – A Policy Balancing Act

Lon LaClaire, MEng, PEng
Manager, Strategic Transportation Planning
City of Vancouver

Article 2. Our Changing Climate – Adapting Construction Methods

Ian Pilkington, P.Eng
Director of Rehabilitation and Maintenance
BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Daryl Finlayson, P.Eng.
Senior Material and Pavement Engineer
BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Article 3. Fighting Urban Flooding

Bill Adams
Vice President of Western & Pacific of Canada
Insurance Bureau of Canada

Article 4. Climate Change and Environmental Loads – The Challenge of “Future Proofing” Infrastructure Design

Dirk Nyland, P. Eng
Chief Engineer, Engineering Branch
Highways Department, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Article 5. Climate Change and Environmental Loads – The Challenge of “Future Proofing” Infrastructure Design

Michael Blackman
Associate – Sustainable Design Advisor
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

Article 6. Building Community Resiliency in the Municipal Contex

Julie Pavey
Section Manager – Environmental Sustainability
District of North Vancouver

Fiona Dercole, MA
Section Manager, Public Safety
District of North Vancouver

Article 7. Innovative Stormwater Management

Dr. Hans Schreier
Emeritus Professor, Department of Land and Water Sciences
University of British Columbia

Artilcle 8. Why is Rainwater Management a Critical Tool for Adaption to Climate Change?

Andrew Kolper, P.Eng.
Stormwater Project Engineer
Kerr Wood Leidal Consulting Engineers

Article 9. Adapting Infrastructure Systems to a Changing Climate

Joel R. Nodelman, B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Eng.
Nodelcorp Consulting Inc.

Joan Nodelman, B.Sc., B.Ed., MBA
Vice President
Nodelcorp Consulting Inc.

Article 10. Global Changes and Catastrophic Loss

Glenn McGillivray
Managing Director
Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

Article 11. Flood Management in BC – Current Approach and New Initiatives

Neil Peters
Provincial Inspector of Dikes
B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Article 12. The Greening of Green Development 

David Hislop
Project Engineer, Drainage Planning
City of Surrey

Article 13. Motivating Application of Urban Source Control Practices

Bernie Amell
Co-owner and Senior Ecological Designer

Article 14. Climate Resilience, Uncertainties, and Adaptive Management – Navigating Decision Pathways through Structured Learning 

Marc Nelitz
Business Area Leader, Climate Change Adaption
Essa Technologies Ltd.