Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare


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Report Code: HCP12786. May, 2012. Calgary, AB

Article 1

Enabling Frontline Success

Carolyn Hoffman, RN, MN
Vice President, Clinical Performance Improvement
Alberta Health Services

Article 2

Medical Staff Engagement in Quality Working Groups

David Miyauchi, MD, FRCP(C)
Deputy Head, Department of Psychiatry
Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone

Article 3

Integrating Quality Improvement: Provincial and Zone/Regional Quality
Improvement Planning to Enable Front Line Success

Don Shilton
St. Mary’s General Hospital (Ontario)

Article 4

Physician Partnerships with Lean

Jana Davidson, MD, FRCP(C)
Vice President Medical Affairs and Psychiatrist in Chief
Children’s and Women’s Mental Health Programs
Children’s and Women Health Centre of BC

Article 5

Physician Partners and Leaders in Quality Improvement: Five Keys to
Engaging Physicians in QI Initiatives

Jayna M. Holroyd-Leduc, MD, FRCPC
QI Lead, Department of Medicine
Alberta Health Services – Calgary

Article 6

View from the Top: It’s not about tools to achieve success in Lean Six Sigma.
It’s about how to get leaders to believe in and EMBRACE quality

Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative

Article 7

Ensuring Patient Centred Improvements in Healthcare – Building a Patient
and Family Centred Care Community from the Ground Up

Paul Boucher, MD, FRCP
CVICU Medical Director
Alberta Health Services

Article 8

Building a Patient Centred Care Community

Lucy Reyes, RN, MN
Manager, Cardiac Sciences Medical Cardiology &
Cardiac Specialty Clinic & Services
Alberta Health Services

Article 9

Early Stage Considerations – Deployment Strategies for QI and PI

Carolyn Hoffman, RN, MN
Vice President, Clinical Performance Improvement
Alberta Health Services

Byron Moore
Director, Improvement of Capacity Building
Alberta Health Services

Article 10

Large Scale Healthcare Transformations: Five Key Steps

Dale Schattenkirk, CHRP
President and CEO, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Learning to See Consulting

Article 11

IT/IM Strategies that Support Quality and Efficiency

Dr. Andrew Pattullo, MD, FRCP
Senior Medical Director Informatics
Alberta Health Services

Article 12

Franchising our Health System – Sustaining and Spreading Best Practices

Dave Brewin, P.Eng, MHSc, MBA(c)
Executive Director, Provincial Access Team
Alberta Health Services

Article 13

Measurement: Systems and Analytics

Tom Briggs, PhD
Executive Director, Performance Measurement and Reporting
Data Integration and Measurement and Reporting
Alberta Health Services

Article 14

Measuring Strategic Impact of Improvement Initiatives

Anurag Pandey
Director, Improvement Design and Delivery
Alberta Health Services

Article 15

Clinical Workforce Strategies for Healthcare Improvement:
Workforce Model Transformation

Betty-Lynn Morrice
Associate Chief Health Professions Officer
Health Professions Strategy and Practice
Alberta Health Services

Article 16

Improving Patient Safety While Embracing Continuous Quality Improvement

Frederick Southwick, MD
Professor of Medicine
University of Florida

Article 17

No Patient Left Behind – System Improvement

Nancy Guebert, RN, BSN, MCEd
Vice President
Rockyview General Hospital

Debbie Goulard, RN, BSN, MSA
Executive Director Critical Care, ED,
Cardiac Services, NICU, PADIS/RAAPID
Rockyview General Hospital

Article 18

Leading Improvement – Essentials for Executives and Managers to
Deliver Results and Build an Improvement Culture

Pete Pande
President & CEO
Pivotal Resources, Inc.