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Report Code CFP14964.  November, 2014  |  Toronto, ON

ARTICLE 1: Successfully Allocating Resources and Prioritizing Investment Decisions

Deb Craven
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Purolator Inc.

ARTICLE 2: Investment Outsourcing: Helping You Reach Your Desired Outcomes

Athas Kouvaras
Regional Director
Russell Investments Canada Limited

ARTICLE 3: Accessing Government Funding and Private Financing in Canada

Teri Kirk
Chief Executive Officer
The Funding Portal

ARTICLE 4: The Fundamentals of Angel Investing Is Angel Financing Right for You?

Nancy Lala
Chief Financial Officer
About Communications

ARTICLE 5: Exploring Non-Traditional Avenues of Raising Capital

Beth Summers
Chief Financial Officer
Ontario Power Generation

ARTICLE 6:  Recruiting and Retaining Talent Introductory Comments

Georgina Kossivas
Former Bursar and Chief Financial Officer
University of Michael’s College

ARTICLE 7: Top Talent Matters Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent: Settling for Talent Within Your Organization Should Never Be the Solution

Ben Kaak
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
KIK Customer Products

ARTICLE 8: Recruiting & Retaining Talent: Solutions for CFOs

Victoria Davies
Chief Financial Officer
Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions

ARTICLE 9: Ontario Electric Utilities:  Staying the Course to Long-Term Growth and Development

Catherine Barker-Hoyes
Former Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Brantford Energy Corporation

ARTICLE 10: Managing Corporate Priorities: Staying the Course to Long-Term Growth and Development

David McLaren
Chief Financial Officer
Belmont Meats Products Ltd.

ARTICLE 11: Tax Planning and Tax Trends in the Global Environment

Ted Citrome
Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

Matthew Peters
Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

ARTICLE 12: Moving Beyond Budgeting:  How Detailed Planning Reinforces Finance’s Role as a Strategic Business Partner

Paul Barber
Chief Executive Officer
Prophix Software Inc.