Canadian Alternative Investments in Pensions 2013


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Report Code: PNP13863. March, 2013. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Article 1

Macroeconomic Outlook: Where is the Economy Heading?

Dr. Warren Jestin
Senior Vice-President & Chief Economist
Scotiabank Group

Article 2

Opportunities in Private Equity

Martin Day
Caledon Capital Management

Article 3

Currency Management: Opportunities Abound for an Underrated Asset Class

James Kwok, CFA
Head of Currency Management
Amundi London

Article 4

Timberland and Farmland Overview

Keith Balter
Director of Economic Research
Hancock Natural Resource Group (HNRG)

Article 5

Alternative Investments for Small – Mid-Size Plans

Martin Bélanger
Director, Investments
University of Western Ontario

Article 6

Hydro One Pension Fund

Robert Cultraro
Senior Vice President
Chief Investment and Pension Officer
Hydro One Inc.

Article 7

York University Pension Fund

Leona Fields
Director, Pension Fund
York University

Article 8

Panel Discussion on Real Estate

Malcolm Musgrove
Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Real Estate
Aurion Capital Management

Article 9

Investing in Commercial Mortgages

David Grieve
Director, Mortgage Investments
Alberta Investment Management Corporation

Article 10

Capitalizing on Infrastructure Investments

Asif Hussain
Caledon Capital Management