4th Edition CAIP West


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Report Code: PNP14979. November 2014 | Banff, Alberta

Article 1: Alternative Investments: Meet the new mainstream

Eugene Lundrigan
Chief Operating Officer
Sun Life Investment Management Inc.

Article 2: Long Horizon Investing in a Short-term World

David Goerz
Executive Vice President, Investment Strategy and Risk Management
Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo)

Article 3: Global Real Estate Market Outlook

Matt Johnson
Head of Global Multi-Managers & Securities – Americas
UBS Global Asset Management (Americas) Inc.

Article 4: OCM’s Alpha Program

Jack Mahler
Managing Director, Alpha Program
OMERS Capital Markets

Article 5: Private Equity Market Trends and Observations

Amy Brown
Managing Director, Investment Management
Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Article 6: The long-term investment case for Emerging Market Debt

Karen Bater
Senior Non-US Fixed Income Specialist
Aberdeen Asset Management Inc.

Article 7: CAIP West – Adding Value Through Currencies

Michael Lewis
Vice President, Currency and Absolute Return
CIBC Asset Management Inc.

Article 8: Creating Value Through Currency

Jeffrey Blanco
Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Currency
Aurion Capital Management

Article 9: Real Asset Investment Strategies

Gerald Brown
Pensioner Trustee
Dallas Police & Fire Pension System

Greg Irlbeck
Manager, Investments
Dallas Police & Fire System

Article 10: The Case for Essential Real Assets

Michael Underhill
Chief Investment Officer
Capital Innovations LLC
(Sub-advisor to Sprott Asset Management LP)

Article 11: Alternatives Outlook

Ryan Korinke
Executive Vice President, Alternative Products