15th Annual Alberta Power Summit


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Report Code: EYP14988.  November, 2014  |  Calgary, AB

ARTICLE 1: Market and Planning Perspectives on Cogeneration in Alberta

Michael Law
Vice President, Market Services
Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO)

ARTICLE 2: Alberta’s Untapped Cogen Opportunities

Allen Crowley
Vice President, Regulatory and Market Studies
EDC Associates Ltd.

ARTICLE 3: Advanced Metering Infrastructure and other Grid Modernization Strategies

Dale McMaster
Executive Vice President
Transmission and Distribution Services
ENMAX Corporation

ARTICLE 4: Alberta Power Summit The Rise of Time-of-Use Metering

Nat Treadway
Managing Partner
Distributed Energy Financial Group (DEFG)

ARTICLE 5: Alberta’s Unique Micro-Generation Regulation

Gordon Howell
Managing Partner
Howell-Mayhew Engineering

ARTICLE 6: Competitive Processes for Transmission in North America

Vittoria Bellissimo
Executive Director

ARTICLE 7:Competitive Transmission

Rob McFarlane
Director, Green Power and Transmission
Enbridge Inc.

ARTICLE 8: Challenges and Opportunities Over the Next 10 Years

Bryan DeNeve
Senior Vice President
Corporate Development and Commercial Services
Capital Power Corporation

ARTICLE 9: Challenges and Opportunities Over the Next 10 Years

Siegfried Kiefer
Chief Operating Officer, Power and Utilities
ATCO Group

ARTICLE 10: Challenges and Opportunities Over The Next 10 Years

John Kousinioris
Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
TransAlta Corp.

ARTICLE 11: Modularization

Marcus Weber
Senior Director of Engineering
Fluor Corporation

ARTICLE 12: The Great Utility Transformation: Emerging Technologies

Craig Sabine
Senior Manager

ARTICLE 13:  Gas Fired Power Projects – Market & Technology Trends

Sandeep Jain
Director of Power Select, North America

ARTICLE 14: Review of the Wholesale Power Market

Peter Karl
Divisional Vice President, Commodities

ARTICLE 15: Review of the Wholesale Power Market

Chris McDowall
Senior Energy Commodities Trader
Velocity Merchant Energy, LP

ARTICLE 16: State of Retail Competition in Alberta

Joe Gysel

ARTICLE 17:  State of Retail Competition in Alberta

James McKee
Executive Vice President, Customer Energy Marketing
ENMAX Corporation

ARTICLE 18: State of Competition in Alberta’s Retail Energy Services Market

Derek Olmstead
Economist and Retail Market Coordinator
Alberta’s Market Surveillance Administrator