11th Annual Labour & Employee Relations


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Report Code: HRP13904. September, 2013. Halifax

Article 1: The Economic Big Picture: The Context for Current Labour Relations in Canada

Larry Haiven, PhD.
Professor, Department of Management
Sobey School of Business
Saint Mary’s University

Article 2: Developments in Employment and Labour Law

Michael V. Coyle
Barrister. Arbitrator. Mediator, MVC Private Law

Article 3: A Summary of Summary Dismissal and Summary Judgment in Employment Cases

Kelly VanBuskirk
Partner, Lawson Creamer (Saint John)

Article 4: Accommodation – Managing the Grey Zone

Andrea D. Gillis
Manager of Labour Relations, Halifax Regional Municipality

Article 5: Bringing the Accommodation to an End – Considerations under Workers’ Compensation

Rebekah L. Powell
Partner, Cox & Palmer

Article 6: Managing Technology and Social Media Use at the Workplace: Upstream Solutions

Myrna L. Gillis
Partner, Gillis & Associates

Article 7: The Right to Privacy at the Workplace – An Expanding Right

David C. Wallbridge
Partner, Pink Larkin

Article 8: Introduction of an Attendance Management Policy – City of Moncton Case Study

Patrick O’Brien
Manager, Learning and Development, City of Moncton

Article 9: Attendance Management, Performance Management and City of Monction Case Study

Patrick O’Brien
Manager, Learning and Development, City of Moncton

Ian Pickard
Partner, McInnes Cooper

Article 10: Commencing Workplace Investigations – Key Considerations

Judith K. (Judy) Begley
Partner, Begley Lordon (Moncton)

Allison McGrath
Director of Human Resources Services
Chignecto-Central Regional School Board

Article 11: Just Cause Terminations – Latest Legal and Practical Considerations

David Conway
Staff Lawyer, Newfoundland & Labrador Nurses’ Union (St. John’s)

John C. MacPherson, Q.C.
Partner, McInnes Cooper

Article 12: Severance – Managing Costs and Limiting Liability

Amy Bradbury
Associate, Ritch Durnford

Article 13: The Employment Contract: Terminating a Termination Clause

Nancy Elliott
Partner, Stockton Maxwell & Elliott

Article 14: Compensation, Benefits and Pensions – Today’s Reality

Tara Anstey, LL.B., CEBS
Principal, Mercer (Canada) Limited

Article 15: When the Industrial Relations Act Meets the Pension Benefits Act

Jane Blakely
Director of Strategic Direction and Consulting
City of Fredericton

Article 16: D.C. Pension Plan Update: Emerging Legal Risks

Hugh Wright
Partner, McInnes Cooper

Article 17 Workplace Bullying is a Social Process and Involves Everyone

Susan Coldwell
Coordinator, Working Toward Bully-Free Workplaces Program

Article 17:  Developing a Dispute Resolution Protocol

Lisa Teryl
Legal Counsel, Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission

Article 19: Workplace Health and Safety Update

Mark D. Tector
Partner, Stewart McKelvey